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Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue is our new Dog of the Week

Hi everyone!

My name is Blue and I am senior beagle being fostered by the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. I came to this group after my owner passed away and no one in their family could take care of me. It's a sad story that repeats itself more often than you think (Remember Thelma and Louise?), but at this moment I have a great foster mom and a happy place to stay while I wait patiently for a new home of my own.

I am so excited to be the featured Dog of the Week and even more excited to have been asked to host our Second Giveaway!! I know we have been a bit secretive Homer and I about what it's going to be, but don't worry just hold on for a couple of more days. We are also going to be trying a new cool website named Giveaway Scout to help us reach more people out there that may be interested in participating in our giveaway, thanks to Giveaway Scout for sending us an invite to join them!
See you all soon,

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