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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Miss Rosie's story

Hi everyone! My name is Rosie, but my foster mom likes calling me Miss Rosie since she thinks I am very proper lady dog!
Miss Rosie at a camping trip

Well I am organizing a giveaway, that hopefully you all have had a chance to take a look in to and if not head over to read all about it! It's going to go on for one more week so you still have plenty of time!

So anyway back to what I really wanted to tell you about today, and that is my story.
How did I end up being fostered by St. Louis Senior Dog Project? Well it turns out my so called family had me for years and years tied up in their yard. I don't think they really cared much about me or my health and I had litter after litter of puppies. I get sad sometimes thinking about what happened to them and I so hope they found a better life than the one I had.

St. Louis Senior Dog Project rescued me from a bad situation, gave me a second chance and let me tell you I am such a happy dog now! I have discovered I  absolutely love going on walks to the park and love snuggling with my foster brothers.

Miss Rosie with her foster brother Moxie

However I sometimes have flash backs to my previous life, so I get scared when something makes a loud noise, and I go and hide under my foster mom's desk. She kindly reaches under and shows me everything is ok, I think I have made a lot of progress with dealing with the day to day noises in a household. One thing I am still working on is my awareness of the space around me, i think it is an effect from being outside and tied up all those years that it's hard for me to maneuver around the house sometimes. I am particularly not keen of walking thru doorways, my foster parents will usually coax me and gently guide me showing me that it's ok to walk thru, that nothing bad is going to happen to me if I go outside. So that is one more thing we are working on right now!

Well I really don't want to write a super long post, I know all the other Dogs of the Week say the same thing and we all end up writing a loooong looong story, it's only because we like to share it with you all out there, perhaps my new family is reading this right now!
Ok well it's time for a walk so I best get on my way,
Thanks for reading,
Miss Rosie

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