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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thelma and Louise: Our story continued

Hi! This is Thelma! My sister is having a nap while we wait for our foster mom to come home. Hope you all read the first part of our story, if not just go back one post :)

So where were we? I remember now, our previous owner sadly had to give us up due to illness and age. However no one in her family decided to step up and take care of us. Now there are some details that Louise wouldn't tell me all about (she is older by a few minutes so she thinks she is much wiser than me) but I believe that our owner's family had decided to have us put to sleep. *gasp* :( 

For a while Louise and I were really stressed out, not knowing what was going to happen to us, but then St. Louis Senior Dog Project heard about our situation and came and took us in, and just like that we had a SECOND CHANCE

 And here we are a couple of months later, not to say the least about our foster family we love them, but we would love a family of our own, someone to take us places and call us their pets. We have been waiting calmly, well Louise has, because let's face it some days I get anxious. I wonder if someone will want two older dogs, I keep my hopes up because at St. Louis Senior Dog Project they are all about keeping your spirits high and thinking that everyone deserves a second chance and most importantly that there are humans (like you reading right now) that are willing to give dogs like us a SECOND CHANCE.

Thanks for reading,
-Thelma (and Louise taking a nap)

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