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Monday, March 14, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day

Hi all, my name is Bandit and guess what today March 15 let's celebrate with Petfinder "Adopt the Internet Day"!

To us the Dogs of the Week from the St. Louis Senior Dog Project this day is super special. Petfinder is one way families out there get to see our pictures and find out more about us. Many of my friends have found homes through Petfinder!! So join in the fun! Adopt the Internet today!!! 
Here are three easy things you can do today:

1. Tell someone about pet adoption on your facebook or twitter status

2. Have an adopted pet? Tell the world about them and what a great pet they are! Share their adoption story with your facebook friends or tweeps.

3. Share a rescue pet's profile on your facebook or twitter status. Need ideas? How about one of our senior and not so senior dogs over at our Petfinder page.

For more ideas head on over to the Adopt the Internet Day page of Petfinder.

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