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Monday, August 16, 2010

Homer talks about International Homeless Animals Day

Hi all!
My name is Homer and I am this weeks Dog of the Week!

I would like to talk to you today about International Homeless Animal Day.
This day began to be celebrated by the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) in 1992 with the aim of reaching out and spreading the word on pet overpopulation and the tragedy that is pet homelessness.
I was once homeless, I was picked up as a stray by a rural shelter, I don't remember how many days I was out on the road, and really my only concern was finding a safe spot for the night and some food to survive. I wasn't in a horrible shape when I got picked up by the shelter but I have seen other fosters come in to the St. Louis Senior Dog Project in dire conditions after spending months on the road.
Pet homelessness can be ended by spreading the word on spay/neuter programs, getting information on training and living with pets and by supporting your local rescue groups by adopting from them or sponsoring a rescue dog,cat, lizard, hamster, anyway you get the point :) woof woof

One of our fellow bloggers Bocci Beefs is requesting ideas on how you can help out your local rescue group this coming Saturday, stop by his blog and give your ideas.

I suggested a monetary donation or gift cards for online pet pharmacies or pet shops. If you have a local rescue that focuses on senior animals help them out by sending them a small donation or a gift card. Veterinary care for neglected senior animals can go through the roof pretty fast, specially those animals that have suffered years of neglect. But really any kind of donation will be appreciated by the group you choose :)
Some of our twitter pals focusing on senior pets are:
Oldies Club (UK)

If you live in the St. Louis area please consider the awesome group fostering me the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and the awesome local spay/neuter group OpSpot

And finally there is an online candle vigil going on for homeless pets, stop by and light a candle for the homeless pets that are still out there, stop by the Light a Candle website and when asked for group mention ISRA (International Society for Animal Rights)

Thank you for reading,

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Peggy Frezon said...

Thank you Homer. I've RTed your message to help spread the word.

Dog of the Week @STLSeniorDog said...

Thank you Peggy!