All of these dogs are fostered by the St. Louis Senior Dog Project
please stop by if you are interested in adopting or fostering.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happens at #nipclub stays at #nipclub :)

Hi all, Blue here again blogging! I got some pretty cool news today that I wanted to share with you all :)  today the awesome anipals from #nipclub have decided to make the St. Louis Senior Dog Project their new charity!
I came upon these cool anipals on a stormy night, it was dark, I didn't know where to go... Ok I am totally making that up! Just wanted to give it a dramatic effect LOL. Anyway seriously I found this group last week and I joined them for their Anipal Drag Pawty! Check out my pic, I went as a bunny, hopped all the way to the #nipclub bar and drank a Hanks Bacon Beer, yummy! After chatting a couple of cool cats from St. Louis asked their human to contact one of our humans to ask her if the St. Louis Senior Dog Project could be the next #nipclub Charity! Today that became official and let me tell you all anipals out there all my senior dog friends (and not so senior too) are thankful and we send you woofs and licks, well no licks for the cats just a little pat ;) 
If you want to find out more about the #nipclub parties and check out their post about us click here

Blue rockin' her bunny outfit
Oh and just a reminder, please check out our giveaway! :)

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Second Giveaway: Where in St. Louis is Blue?

Hi and welcome to our Second Giveaway!
We have two amazing giveaway packs:

1. Homemade Goodie Basket: Our sponsor  Boomer's Biscuits a homemade dog biscuit company in St. Louis has donated some amazing treats for your pooch!  Win an awesome box containing carob  chip cookies and gingerbread houses, a delicious treat for your furry family members! In addition you will receive a handmade scarf made and donated by one of our foster parents. :) Nice!

2. Out dining in St. Louis: Our sponsor Latitude 26 TexMex restaurant in St. Louis has donated a dinner for two! enjoy great food  at this Dogtown restaurant, in addition you will enjoy a handmade scarf donated by one of our foster parents :)

Dinner for you or treats for your pet, either way our giveaway gifts are great!

So how can you win one of these two amazing prizes?

First, if you haven't already please head over to Facebook OR  Twitter and join us! We love having new friends and spreading the word about adoption of senior animals!

Second, guess ----> Where in St. Louis is Blue?

So... meet Blue, your Giveaway Host!

Hello my name is Blue, I am a senior beagle looking for a home and I am super excited to help out with the second giveaway! so here are your clues,

  • This monument can be found on the banks of the Mississipi 
  • It commemorates westward expansion
  • It is in the city of St. Louis, which was once called the Gateway to the West
  • AND I am standing by it in the picture!

    Can you guess the monument?

    Post your answer on the blog comments or tweet us @STLSeniorDog
    When you leave your answer please let us know where you are from! 

    Please don't post Anonymous! If you are not a member of google or the other supported ID's please leave your first name and last name initial in your comment!

    Please no double entries! Thank you :)

    Additional rules:
    1. This giveaway will begin on August 25 and end in September 5.
    2. Due to postage we can only take submissions from people living in the USA, sorry :(
    3. On September 5 at 5pm all entries will be taken and two winners will be selected at random. 
    4. The first selected name will win our "Homemade Goodie Basket" prize.
    5. The second selected person will win the: "Out dining in St. Louis" prize.  However due to the location of the restaurant the winner of the Latitude 26 dinner for two must reside in or near the city of St. Louis (such as St. Charles, Belleville etc). If the second selected person cannot  claim the "Out dining in St. Louis" package we will continue to draw names at random until a person that may claim the prize is found. However the second selected person is still a winner! and will receive a selection of homemade treats for their pets and a handmade scarf.
    6. Our drawing will be made using

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    Wordless Wednesday: Saburo

    Saburo is fostered by the St. Louis Senior Dog Project more info on him on Petfinder

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    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Blue is our new Dog of the Week

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Blue and I am senior beagle being fostered by the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. I came to this group after my owner passed away and no one in their family could take care of me. It's a sad story that repeats itself more often than you think (Remember Thelma and Louise?), but at this moment I have a great foster mom and a happy place to stay while I wait patiently for a new home of my own.

    I am so excited to be the featured Dog of the Week and even more excited to have been asked to host our Second Giveaway!! I know we have been a bit secretive Homer and I about what it's going to be, but don't worry just hold on for a couple of more days. We are also going to be trying a new cool website named Giveaway Scout to help us reach more people out there that may be interested in participating in our giveaway, thanks to Giveaway Scout for sending us an invite to join them!
    See you all soon,

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    The winners of our First Giveaway!

    In the last few days we have received wonderful pictures from the two winners of our giveaway! Miss Rosie hosted that first giveaway and we are thankful that she took time off her daily doggie life to help us out :)

    Our prizes included a St. Louis Senior Dog T-shirt, a microfiber towel and handmade dog biscuits!

    Here are some of the pictures we received from our first winner,

    One of the winning pooches inspecting the treats and microfiber towel (in the back)! Yummy!

    Waiting patiently for their treats!
    Thanks for telling your humans to participate guys!

    Our second winner was Peggy Frezon from Peggy's Pet Place  (cool blog :) ) and her dog Kelly,

    Kelly sitting by her mom's new t-shirt and her treats!

    Thank you to all those that participated, it was our first ever twitter and facebook giveaway so we were all kind of nervous but things worked out great!

    Finally Homer wants to say a few words of farewell,

    Well, it's time for me to say goodbye, my week as Dog of the Week has ended :( but fear not I am still around and may pop back to tell you if I get adopted! If you haven't yet take a look at my cool profile on Petfinder and tweet me or share me on facebook!
    Plus I come with free vet care if adopted by a senior citizen! how cool is that!
    Finally, later today Blue the Beagle will begin her run as Dog of the Week, she is one super sweet lady, so what's up with all the fuss about our SECOND GIVEAWAY???? Well we have two awesome sponsors for this one, plus some of our own foster parents getting crafty. All I can tell you is that someone will go home winning a nice dinner and some cool handmade items. If you haven't friended us on facebook or twitter go soon, pretty please you don't want to miss out on a cool opportunity.

    Woof woof, farewell for now,

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    Thursday, August 19, 2010


    Hi all!It's me Homer again,

    I hope you are ready for International Homeless Animals Day on Saturday 21st of August. 
    What can you do?????

    1.   Make a small donation to your local rescue, don't know what rescues are around you? Go online to Petfinder and search for  a shelter near you! 
    If you live in the St. Louis area please consider stopping by the Kirkwood Petco and buying goodies at our BAKE SALE! We will be INSIDE the Petco and not outside, so come look for us!

    2.   If you are strapped for cash,  consider donating a tweet! yes! it's as simple as that, for example go to my wonderful Petfinder profile (click it! go for it!) once you go there you will see a twitter and facebook icon. Click either one of them and send my profile in to the twitterverse! or facebookverse! (did I say that right?).

    3. If what you don't have is much time, and believe me I totally understand I am one busy dog, then how about sponsoring one of  the dogs of St. Louis Senior Dog Project or of a local rescue, again just go to Petfinder!

    Now how easy was that? Don't you feel awesome for helping out an animal in need? I sure would feel awesome because you are helping dogs like myself! woof woof!

    Thank you and hope to see you Saturday at our Bake Sale!

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    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Homer talks about International Homeless Animals Day

    Hi all!
    My name is Homer and I am this weeks Dog of the Week!

    I would like to talk to you today about International Homeless Animal Day.
    This day began to be celebrated by the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) in 1992 with the aim of reaching out and spreading the word on pet overpopulation and the tragedy that is pet homelessness.
    I was once homeless, I was picked up as a stray by a rural shelter, I don't remember how many days I was out on the road, and really my only concern was finding a safe spot for the night and some food to survive. I wasn't in a horrible shape when I got picked up by the shelter but I have seen other fosters come in to the St. Louis Senior Dog Project in dire conditions after spending months on the road.
    Pet homelessness can be ended by spreading the word on spay/neuter programs, getting information on training and living with pets and by supporting your local rescue groups by adopting from them or sponsoring a rescue dog,cat, lizard, hamster, anyway you get the point :) woof woof

    One of our fellow bloggers Bocci Beefs is requesting ideas on how you can help out your local rescue group this coming Saturday, stop by his blog and give your ideas.

    I suggested a monetary donation or gift cards for online pet pharmacies or pet shops. If you have a local rescue that focuses on senior animals help them out by sending them a small donation or a gift card. Veterinary care for neglected senior animals can go through the roof pretty fast, specially those animals that have suffered years of neglect. But really any kind of donation will be appreciated by the group you choose :)
    Some of our twitter pals focusing on senior pets are:
    Oldies Club (UK)

    If you live in the St. Louis area please consider the awesome group fostering me the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and the awesome local spay/neuter group OpSpot

    And finally there is an online candle vigil going on for homeless pets, stop by and light a candle for the homeless pets that are still out there, stop by the Light a Candle website and when asked for group mention ISRA (International Society for Animal Rights)

    Thank you for reading,

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    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    We have an Award and it's time to share!

    We got an award from our new friend "I still want more puppies" ! Our senior dogs and not so senior dogs are excited! So lots of licks and woofs for "I still want more puppies"!

    This award comes with some conditions :)
    1) Thank the person who gave you the award: BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

    2) Share 7 things about yourself
    • I love to be online on facebook and twitter :) so I volunteered myself to be the twitterer for the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and that is how @STLSeniorDog came about
    • And this blog came about because my initial idea was to let our selected Dogs of the Week tweet, now the dogs didn't like that as much as writing about themselves so I had to put up a blog for them :)
    • I have two rescue dogs with my boyfriend, their names are Moxie and Liam, you can find us as part of the R.O.A.R squad!And ProjectDog!
    • I also foster for the St. Louis Senior Dog Project, we are on our 9th foster right now, Miss Rosie
    • Ok I think I am going to stop at 6, let me tell you that I am new at the whole social media thing but that I am loving it! I love the online community of pet rescue/ pet lovers/ pet everything!
    Now the most awesome part of this award:

    3) Pass this award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic
    Ok here it goes!

    Grouchy Puppy - love the blog, love the motto "give fearlessly. influence positively."
    Project Dog - What I love of Kira's project is that she is photographing not only purebreds but rescue dogs as well! How cool is that!
    Fido and Wino - Love the blogs and of course the cool idea of the R.O.A.R. squad!
    Be the Change for Animals - A great new cause to help out each week by giving a  #voluntweet (yes i invented that hashtag) or online
    24 paws of love Love the photo stories of the dog packs
    Peggy's Pet Place Monday Pet Roundups and more
    Heartprints Pets  Twitter and blogger friend thanks for the many RTs!
    TPPctv  woofy woo!

    Traveling pets:

    Now some blogs from other members of St. Louis Senior Dog Project  :)
    The St.Louis Senior Dog Project Blog Our fearless leader Ellen talks about rescue, awesome stories
    My life gone to the dogs - Becky is a foster for St. Louis Senior Dog Project AND she is the twitterer of @LastChanceMO
    Who rescued whom? - Kim is one more foster of St. Louis Senior Dog Project! Go Foster Parents!
    Dogrush Ranch Kati is a foster and so much more, read about her farm!

    4) Contact the bloggers and let them know they where picked!

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    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    The Dogs of Divorce -- Zippy's story

    Hi all, 
    My name is Zippy and I am the Dog of the Week. 
    I want to share with you all a bit about myself.

    So how did I end up with St. Louis Senior Dog Project?
    I was rescued as a stray by St. Charles County, MO Animal Control and was taken too the pound. I stayed there for a couple of days until they found my owners. The Animal Control officers thought my previous owners would be relieved to find me, well.....  that was not the case, my owners had actually been the ones that had dumped me out on the road :( . At 10 yrs old I found myself without a home. 
    The reason they got rid of me was because they were getting a divorce. 

    There are situations and you may read up on this all over the web where the dog/cat/mouse etc is cause of a struggle between owners and there are custody hearings and negotiations about visitation. I consider those animals lucky because at least someone still cares enough to fight for them, I on the other hand got the boot as soon as they both realized neither one of them cared enough about me to keep me. This actually happens a lot more than you realize. Just three months ago another dog of divorce named Jetta was rescued by St. Louis Senior Dog Project,  her owners dumped her at animal control as well, neither one of them wanted her. Jetta was fostered for a few months and finally got her happy ending: she found a new family that loves her :)

    Divorce is awful, for the couple, for the kids and for the pets. I just wish people thought more about how we pets are not an object to be gotten rid of, we are alive, we have needs, we want a nice cuddle, if you have to undergo the pain of a divorce please take your pet in to account in your future plans. Don't dump your pet on the road, get information of options for your pet.  If you are struggling through a bad divorce find a safe place for your pets, with a relative or at a kennel, somewhere where they can stay until you are ready to take care of them again. I was a pet for 10 yrs or more and suddenly I found myself struggling in the streets, please don't do that to your pet. I beg you.

    A final thought: What would happen if people could dump their kids in an orphanage/foster care when they got divorced the same way they dump animals? How many would actually do it?
    Thank you for reading,

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    Wordless Wednesday

    Zippy an awesome senior dog looking for a home.

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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Take me out to the ball game

    Hi all! My name is Zippy! and i am one cool photogenic senior dog! I am an 11 year old dachshund/ jack russel mix.
     Just last weekend I went with a bunch of other foster dogs to a RiverCity Rascals baseball game! It was awesome, there are certain days during the season when us pooches are allowed to go to the game and hang out with our parents (or foster parents) and meet other pooches :) That day Velma a previous St. Louis Senior Dog foster came in with her family, she is one lucky lady. Check out these pictures from the game----

    Velma (on the left) a previous foster and Saburo a current foster
    Me greeting a human at the game
    mmmmmm peanuts!
    Doxie invasion at the baseball game!

    Thanks for checking out our pics,

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    Friday, August 06, 2010

    Husky Friday!

    Wow! Husky invasion at St. Louis Senior Dog Project!
    Three wonderful beautiful Husky / Husky mix girls looking for a home



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    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    Miss Rosie's story

    Hi everyone! My name is Rosie, but my foster mom likes calling me Miss Rosie since she thinks I am very proper lady dog!
    Miss Rosie at a camping trip

    Well I am organizing a giveaway, that hopefully you all have had a chance to take a look in to and if not head over to read all about it! It's going to go on for one more week so you still have plenty of time!

    So anyway back to what I really wanted to tell you about today, and that is my story.
    How did I end up being fostered by St. Louis Senior Dog Project? Well it turns out my so called family had me for years and years tied up in their yard. I don't think they really cared much about me or my health and I had litter after litter of puppies. I get sad sometimes thinking about what happened to them and I so hope they found a better life than the one I had.

    St. Louis Senior Dog Project rescued me from a bad situation, gave me a second chance and let me tell you I am such a happy dog now! I have discovered I  absolutely love going on walks to the park and love snuggling with my foster brothers.

    Miss Rosie with her foster brother Moxie

    However I sometimes have flash backs to my previous life, so I get scared when something makes a loud noise, and I go and hide under my foster mom's desk. She kindly reaches under and shows me everything is ok, I think I have made a lot of progress with dealing with the day to day noises in a household. One thing I am still working on is my awareness of the space around me, i think it is an effect from being outside and tied up all those years that it's hard for me to maneuver around the house sometimes. I am particularly not keen of walking thru doorways, my foster parents will usually coax me and gently guide me showing me that it's ok to walk thru, that nothing bad is going to happen to me if I go outside. So that is one more thing we are working on right now!

    Well I really don't want to write a super long post, I know all the other Dogs of the Week say the same thing and we all end up writing a loooong looong story, it's only because we like to share it with you all out there, perhaps my new family is reading this right now!
    Ok well it's time for a walk so I best get on my way,
    Thanks for reading,
    Miss Rosie

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