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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Second Giveaway: Where in St. Louis is Blue?

Hi and welcome to our Second Giveaway!
We have two amazing giveaway packs:

1. Homemade Goodie Basket: Our sponsor  Boomer's Biscuits a homemade dog biscuit company in St. Louis has donated some amazing treats for your pooch!  Win an awesome box containing carob  chip cookies and gingerbread houses, a delicious treat for your furry family members! In addition you will receive a handmade scarf made and donated by one of our foster parents. :) Nice!

2. Out dining in St. Louis: Our sponsor Latitude 26 TexMex restaurant in St. Louis has donated a dinner for two! enjoy great food  at this Dogtown restaurant, in addition you will enjoy a handmade scarf donated by one of our foster parents :)

Dinner for you or treats for your pet, either way our giveaway gifts are great!

So how can you win one of these two amazing prizes?

First, if you haven't already please head over to Facebook OR  Twitter and join us! We love having new friends and spreading the word about adoption of senior animals!

Second, guess ----> Where in St. Louis is Blue?

So... meet Blue, your Giveaway Host!

Hello my name is Blue, I am a senior beagle looking for a home and I am super excited to help out with the second giveaway! so here are your clues,

  • This monument can be found on the banks of the Mississipi 
  • It commemorates westward expansion
  • It is in the city of St. Louis, which was once called the Gateway to the West
  • AND I am standing by it in the picture!

    Can you guess the monument?

    Post your answer on the blog comments or tweet us @STLSeniorDog
    When you leave your answer please let us know where you are from! 

    Please don't post Anonymous! If you are not a member of google or the other supported ID's please leave your first name and last name initial in your comment!

    Please no double entries! Thank you :)

    Additional rules:
    1. This giveaway will begin on August 25 and end in September 5.
    2. Due to postage we can only take submissions from people living in the USA, sorry :(
    3. On September 5 at 5pm all entries will be taken and two winners will be selected at random. 
    4. The first selected name will win our "Homemade Goodie Basket" prize.
    5. The second selected person will win the: "Out dining in St. Louis" prize.  However due to the location of the restaurant the winner of the Latitude 26 dinner for two must reside in or near the city of St. Louis (such as St. Charles, Belleville etc). If the second selected person cannot  claim the "Out dining in St. Louis" package we will continue to draw names at random until a person that may claim the prize is found. However the second selected person is still a winner! and will receive a selection of homemade treats for their pets and a handmade scarf.
    6. Our drawing will be made using

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    Niki said...

    Blue is at the St. Louis Arch! I have had the pleasure of meeting sweet Blue and she is wonderful. I from St. Louis and moving back there very soon.

    Vanessa said...

    The St Louis Gateway Arch
    too easy
    I'm now at St Louis

    ♥ krystal ♥ said...

    Blue is hanging out at the Gateway Arch :)

    Anonymous said...

    Yep Blue is definetly at the St Louis Arch in downtown St Louis MO. I am here in StL but I'm sure anyone would guess the Arch. Great pix! Thanks Blue, hope you get a furever home real soon!

    Kruse Kats said...

    Blue is at the Gateway Arch grounds in downtown St. Louis

    theresa said...

    The Gateway Arch! We're in Elizabeth, NJ. Very glad to meet you Blue, hope that you find your forever home soon!

    Snapekat said...

    Blue is at the St. Louis Arch!

    Snapekat said...

    Blue is at the St. Louis Arch!

    KarenS said...

    Hi Blue! You're at the Arch! I'm East of you in IL. Hope you find a home soon!

    Sara-sacks said...

    Blue is, of course, at the St. Louis Arch. I live in Fenton :)

    Sara-sacks said...

    Blue is at the St. Louis Arch!

    Christina said...

    Blue is at the Arch on Dowtown St.Louis MO. I am from Arnold, MO.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Christina, we're in Arnold also and just adopted Max today so one more with a forever home. Maybe we'll take Max to the "Arch" tonight to look for Blue. Joyce and Ron Hoffman, new mom and dad of Max, the wonder poodle mix.

    tkuhlmann said...

    He is at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Good luck Blue!

    Todd Jordan said...

    Gateway Arch. Love Blue and the giveaways.
    Reach me at tojosan on gmail or twitter.

    Brianna said...

    Blue is at the Arch!

    Sally said...

    Blue is at the Arch - I wonder if he plans to take the elevator to the top to check out the great view! Maybe he can see my Kirkwood home from there!(yep, I live near the PetCo where yesterday was a 14 dog adoption day!)