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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thelma and Louise's Wednesday Post: Dachshund Day

It's Dachshund Day, its Dachshund Day! what? you didn't know about Dachshund Day? Ok fine we made it up, but really don't dachshunds deserve their own day? Hey Thelma went to the other computer and found out that there is a Dachshund Day in NYC!!

We doxies sure deserve a day to be celebrated, we are after all amazing dogs, wonderful companions, versatile animals. We can go from lap dog to earth dog, tiny to biggie, dapple to... well other kinds of dapple ;)

We are happy being dachshunds, even with our tiny legs, don't let the legs fool you, if you have a treat for us we will run to you as fast as a greyhound and jump as high as a lab! We were badger hunters at one point and this means we were bred to be very persistent dogs and to never back down. Now you can enjoy these attributes by participating in your local EarthDog Club's activities, its a great way to have fun with your doxie.

We think we gave you good points as to why you SHOULD ADOPT A DACHSHUND RIGHT NOW. *chanting hypnotically* adopt a dachshund, adopt a dachshund, adopt a dachshund *clap of paws*

Ok then, off you go, back to school or work, or volunteering a tweet to senior dogs  ;)
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-Thelma and Louise

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