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Friday, July 16, 2010

Thelma and Louise's Last Day

Hi everyone this is Thelma writing, Louise is right here by my side. This is our last day as Dogs of the Week, we are stepping down after a cool week of tweeting and blogging about our days, please don't be sad though we may come back in a few weeks to give you a bit of an update or you may hear about our adoption :) We hope you keep coming back to Dogs of the Week and that you follow the other dogs @STLSeniorDog and even better we hope you spread the word about us and other dogs being fostered by St. Louis Senior Dog Project.

We might post again today, depends on our schedule, because you know we have so many things to do! We gotta watch The Young and the Restless and we have to take our power naps so that we are refreshed and ready for a Friday night!

Ok ok one last thing, sorry this is Louise typing because Thelma is so forgetful! She forgot to remind everyone to head over to Dogs of the Week Blog the Change if you haven't done so already.  Winken the next Dog of the Week shares his story in it and it was our Blog entry for Blog the Change July 15.

Well seems that is all for now woof woof!
-Thelma and Louise

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