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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thelma and Louise's first Blog post

Hi everyone! 
We are Thelma and Louise, two amazing dachshund sisters! We got to twitter and now we get to blog! :) . 

We want to tell you all first a bit about how we landed on St. Louis Senior Dog Project. A lot of the times people think that dogs end up with a rescue because they are problem dogs, it gets even worse with senior dogs because people think that by adopting a senior dog you are getting a sickly dog and you are just paying for vet bills that someone else didn't want to pay.

Well we are here to tell our story, to take away those common misconceptions! We were adopted together by a wonderful woman who was a senior citizen. Our owner's health began to deteriorate and she became less and less able to take care of us financially and physically :( She loved us dearly and we loved her dearly but her family asked her to let us go.

So as you can see there was nothing wrong with us, not even with our owner, but things happen and while we brought her much happiness she was too ill to take care of us. Okay so that takes care of the first misconception about rescue dogs, a little bit more on our story later, we are after all dachshunds so our short legs get tired with all this typing.
-Thelma and Louise

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