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Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi! This is one of the few posts I will directly be making, I really wanted to explain what is going to go on from now on in this blog.

I volunteer for the St. Louis Senior Dog Project my name is Elisa and I am a graduate student. The St. Louis Senior Dog Project focuses on rescuing dogs from a variety of situations ranging from animal control to rural humane societies, we mainly rescue older dogs that desperately need a second chance but we have dogs of ages from a few months up to their senior years :). If you are interested on adopting go to

So what brings me to this blog? I began my volunteering outpost on Twitter last week and I am the proud official twitterer for this awesome rescue group! Well one of the things I wanted to start was the Dog of the Week, and I wanted to give the dogs a chance to tell their story and write about what they do on a day to day basis. Letting the dogs do this on twitter is getting a little hard, telling their stories in 140 characters is difficult because some of them have these amazing stories to share. The dogs will still be showing up on Twitter but this blog will be for them to share their day to day activities, every week a new dog will come up and tell us a bit about themselves.

If you want to share our Dogs of the Week we appreciate it and even more if you follow us on twitter @STLSeniorDog. Bear with me as this is my first blog! And finally check out our leader's blog at she talks about dog rescue, new dogs, adopted dogs etc.
Thank you for reading and stoping by!

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JJ said...

Hi, Elisa!
Glad to see you've designed a blog for the dogs! =] Very cool.

Dog of the Week @STLSeniorDog said...

Thank you!