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Monday, December 06, 2010

Puppy Mill Survivor Week: Mandy

Hi all , my name is Mandy, I am a 4 year old maltese and I am a puppy mill survivor. Six months ago, I was rescued and born again and this is my story. 

My rebirth began June 19, 2010, when volunteers with several canine rescue groups attended a live animal auction in rural Missouri. The volunteers hoped to rescue some of the 500 dogs for sale that day from a life as breeders.

At the auction, someone approached my dirty cage and whispered, “Baby girl, you are coming home with me.” This someone was Ellen Ellick, founder and director of St. Louis Senior Dog Project, a non-profit rescue organization in eastern Missouri. I would not see Ellen again for hours.

Early in the sale, a young fellow held me overhead by the scruff of my neck. It hurt and I shivered uncontrollably with cold fear. “What am I bid?” cried the auctioneer in his rhythmic chant. “What am I bid?”
Ellen’s hand shot up. “Sold!” shouted the auctioneer. With that single word, my old life was over.

You see, I was born and raised in a large, commercial breeding facility, a puppy mill. My dam (mom), my sire (dad) and I were breeders our entire lives. Looking at life between the bars of a wire crate was all we knew.

When the auction ended, Ellen cradled me in her arms and consoled my frightened soul. She promised good things to come: someone would care for me, pamper me, love me forever.

Turns out, Ellen was right. Someone does care for me, pamper me, and love me. I live in a foster home with lots of friendly doggies that teach me how to be someone's lifelong companion and part of a family. We play together, and sleep (a lot) on chenille pads during the day and on a big, comfortable bed at night. I like it when my foster mom calls me Miss Mandy or Baby Girl. One of my greatest joys is running free in the yard. I skip, jump straight in the air, frolic with abandon, and run happy circles around the trees.

This is me with my pal Isis the shitzhu
For a long time, I was skittish and panicky. Just about everything scared me. OK, everything scared me. When strangers reached out to pet me, I wasn’t sure what they might do with their hand and I became afraid. I tried to nip or bite those outstretched fingers. Please, be patient, while I learn to depend on the kindness of strangers.

I enjoy brisk walks, and trot proudly beside my foster mom while surveying the neighborhood with my head and tail held high. This is my first Christmas on the “outside” and I love seeing the colorful holiday lights and decorations. Now that the temperatures are colder, I dress up in a hot pink quilted vest or a pink argyle sweater that match my pink collar and leash. I am pretty hot in pink.

I thank with open paws all those involved with my rescue and I am ready to start out a new life in a permanent home. Would you like to share my life, too?


From the humans:
Interested in adopting Mandy? check her profile out in our St. Louis Senior Dog Project website 

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Anonymous said...

I just love Mandy! But I have a malti-poo who was a rescue who looked very much the same as Mandy (though younger) when I got her. I so wish I was able to take in more pets (though probably best that I can't!). I'm just really rooting for her and happy to hear her updates and see pictures.

Pup Fan said...

Thank goodness you guys found Mandy... now my fingers are crossed that she finds a forever home!

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