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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bell is Over The Rainbow Bridge

Today the dogs are taking a break after a hectic adoption event and so they are letting me, the human, come over and type away for a bit and talk about Bell one of our pooches that sadly went Over The Rainbow Bridge this last week.
Miss Bell was a senior lady pooch that had been in foster care for a little over a year. She came to St. Louis Senior Dog Project in April 2009 picked up as a stray in the Webster Groves, MO area. When she received vet care we were told that Bell had cancer and that she was not going to survive an aggressive treatment because of her age. So her foster mom took her in and prepared to give her a few weeks of good life, however Miss Bell was a fighter and a spunky old gal and she lived 18 months more!
She was never considered adoptable due to her disease but she had a loving foster home with  fur brothers and sisters that kept her company and a wonderful foster mom and dad that gave her lots of attention and most importantly she was kept as comfy as possible in her last moments. Our leader Ellen tells all of us during hard moments that  we can consider a dog very lucky if a human cries at their passing and Bell's passing brought tears to many. We remember her and we remind ourselves of our mission to help senior dogs find new homes however we find ourselves with more and more hospice pets like Bell that can't find a new home because of their illness and we try to give these senior dogs lots of love and comfort in their remaining days whether its a day or two years.
Farewell Bell.
Miss Bell

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Bocci said...

This is a really beautiful post-thank you so much for what you do. The focus of my blog, Bocci's Beefs is to promote pet adoption and rescue.

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