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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Natsumi tells all

Hi there - my name is Natsumi.    Funny name, huh?   My human foster brother decided I should be given a Japanese name from one of his favorite Japanese cartoon shows.   (Don't tell him I called it a cartoon, though, he insists it should be called anime!)     He told me it means beautiful summer in Japanese and that they think I'm so pretty they wanted me to have a pretty name.
Hanging out at foster home
I had a very unhappy beginning of my life and I don't like to talk about it much, which makes it hard for my foster family because they don't know really what happened to me.     One thing they do know is that I ended up in a place called The St. Charles Animal Shelter and the person who brought me asked that I be PTS the next day.    What does PTS mean??       Maybe it means Person To Smooch**  because the next day this lady came and drove me back to her home and was really nice to me.    I was so scared when she came and got me because I was in a confusing place with people I didn't know.    I don't see very well and I can get a little intimdated when I don't understand what's going on.    The nice lady at the shelter opened my cage door and I ran out.     Between the two of them, though, they were able to pick me up.    I rode in the car with the new lady and she said very nice things to me and helped me calm down during the drive.
I really like this new home.  I have lots of other dogs to play with and a warm bed wherever I want.   My foster family tells me I'm silly because I play with things that are a little different than their other dogs.   I love empty dog food cans, empty boxes and kleenexes.   My foster Mom chcuckles because every morning I perform a musical number by clanking my different cans together.
Right after I came to this place, I went to a special dog doctor to look at my eyes.   I can't see out of one eye at all and they told my foster Mom I can see light/dark/shadows from my other eye.    To help me keep that little bit of sight, she puts one eye drop in my eye two times every day.    She tells me all the time what a good girl I am when she needs to give me my eye drop.     I will need to have these eye drops in my eye for the rest of my life.    My foster Mom is so proud of me because it took me just a few days before I knew my surroundings and quit bumping into things.    She said she has to be careful not to move her furniture around because it will confuse me again.
My favorite thing in the world is to have my fur stroked.    I'll stand on my hind two feet and my foster human Mom or Brother will pick me up to pet me.   My foster human brother says that I melt into them.   I don't want to move an inch because it feels so good to have my belly or ears or chin or head .... oh heck I love being rubbed anywhere!
Check me out all decked out in japanese outfit, I wore this to #nipclub

My foster Mom said she wants me to go into a quiet house because I use my ears and nose so much.    Sometimes when other little kids are around, I get extra confused because it's so loud.    I would really love to be with someone that doesn't have any stairs and will be patient with taking me in and outside to go to the bathroom.    
**Editors Note - PTS means "put to sleep"

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